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I am the CEO of My Lighter Way, which I started to bring even more joy to my life and my clients’ lives, and create a ripple effect for our families, our children, and those we surround ourselves with. I whole-heartedly believe that when we allow ourselves to shine, it uplifts those around us and spills into each corner of our world.

 I live a life a younger version of me could have only dreamt of. I’ve accomplished ALL the things I have set out to do - I have wonderful inspiring friends, completed a PhD, am married to an amazing man, have two incredible babies, and travel around the world. 

I didn’t realize the obstacles I’d have to overcome to get here - all the lessons, disappointments, and pieces that would need to be healed and shifted only so things could come together in a way that was even better than I could have imagined.

Now I’m in my 30’s and I’ve narrowed down what’s most important in life - to LOVE  (oh… and cheese. Cheese is a close second). 

The quest for more love is what has taken me down the road of my own self-development. I’ve had high functioning anxiety for as long as I can remember, all sorts of insecurities and limiting beliefs to unravel, and I’ve taken big steps to be more loving to myself and reconnect my mind, body + soul.

Love is what inspired My Lighter Way too. The ripple effect it has on my clients and their families is my "why".

I’ve compiled ALL the lessons, skills, and tools I’ve gained from my own healing journey, my precious time as a mama to two babies, and my PhD + career in mental health promotion. I have curated a powerful blend of mindset, spiritual, and evidence-based tools and integrated them into my customized coaching, courses and group programs.

I use every single tool myself, so I can back them with 100% confidence.

My specialty is helping others thrive through major changes in their lives - like through pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and exciting life goals.

I'm here to expand your mind AND help you soak it all in.

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For the woman who is creating her own powerful ripple effect in this world, and wants her mind + body + soul to feel even lighter as she does it.

Big goals + inner calm + soaking it all in.


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