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My Lighter Motherhood - Digital Course

Dr. Emma Nagy's signature online self-paced program that allows you to prepare YOURSELF for postpartum. 

Learn everything you need IN ADVANCE to navigate all the emotions, identity and sleep shifts that come with this major life change.

Protect your mental health by equipping yourself with postpartum-specific strategies. The ultimate goal of this program is to reduce your risk of postpartum depression and anxiety and help you have a postpartum experience you adore!

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The Motherhood Mentorship

Through this customized mentorship, I'll guide you through pregnancy and postpartum so that you can protect your mental health during a time that's vulnerable for so many. The ultimate goal is to find LIGHTNESS in the parts most find the hardest, so you and your baby start off on the best, most enjoyable trajectory together.

It is TIME to create an exciting paradigm shift in motherhood.

You GET to enjoy it.

You GET to soak it in.

You GET to allow unprecedented support.

You GET to not only keep your connection with yourself, but make it STRONGER. 


THE Motherhood Mentorship is a customized package.

The package contents are co-created during and immediately after our connection call together.

Go LIGHT (a sprinkling of support during pregnancy, and/or support when baby arrives),

or do a DEEPER DIVE (pregnancy and postpartum support, with voice/text message access to Dr. Emma Nagy).

Email Emma at emma@mylighterwaycom with the subject line "Motherhood Mentorship" to schedule a discovery call.