I’m Emma.


I help you prepare YOURSELF emotionally for birth and postpartum.

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Finally! A way to actually prepare YOURSELF EMOTIONALLY for the early months of motherhood...
..before you're in the thick of it. 
Navigate... less sleep, depleted energy, and ALL the feelings with more ease
(so you can get back to soaking in this time with the newest love of your life!!)
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the innovative online experience that equips you with everything YOU need to create a calm, healthy and peaceful postpartum experience.
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About Emma

I'm a mama to two amazing babies, wife to a man I adore, have my PhD in Health Promotion, am a published author, and the CEO of My Lighter Way. 

I am an Intuitive Guide and am obsessed with helping women experience the most amazing motherhood, business and personal life they can ever imagine. 

I especially LOVE guiding women through the inner work it takes to truly soak in pregnancy and the postpartum stages of motherhood, experience an empowered birth, and stay connected to themselves during motherhood. Embody the conscious parent you have always imagined being, and deepen the effect you have in this world.  

I am here to create a loving ripple effect in this world and I get SO much joy from guiding others to welcome more freedom, calm, abundance and LOVE into their lives. Together, our ripple effect is even stronger, and I can't wait to learn all about your "why".


"Wonderful session filled with ah-ha moments and deep blocks that I did not even know about surfaced."



My Lighter Motherhood 

An innovative pregnancy program, that allows you to prepare YOURSELF for the fourth trimester so you can use your precious energy intentionally, and find SO much joy within this stage!

Flow through the emotions, protect and elevate your energy, and confidently navigate change and challenges that can come with new motherhood.

Feel empowered and confident in your decisions as a new mom.

Proactively prepare YOURSELF for motherhood.

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The Motherhood Mentorship

Receive that amazing energy boost, paired with tangible strategies to elevate your mood and experience in the moments you need it most. 

Personalized support, a safe place to prep your mindset and release limiting beliefs around motherhood, and the support that will help you anchor in the vision of motherhood that feels AMAZING to you to create.

Unlimited voice/text access to Emma leading up to birth and in the early months.

The luxurious, added layer of support you'll adore.

Two spots available. Inquire about openings, and what a custom experience could look like for you.

To book a complimentary call and see if this is a good fit for you, contact Dr. Emma Nagy directly: [email protected]¬†with the subject line "Motherhood Mentorship".