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Tuesday December 12, 2023 at  7pm EST

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In this Masterclass, Dr. Emma Nagy will be covering: 

The exact steps to take in pregnancy to 

prevent poor mental health during the postpartum period you actually enjoy the first weeks of life with your newborn.

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This Masterclass was specifically designed for you if…

 …you are in your 2nd or 3rd trimester

…you value your health, including your mental health

…you are piecing together information from 50 different google searches and finding most of the info feels too basic are craving information that goes deeper than general, one-size-fits-all recommendations and really speaks to YOU


You are also in the right place if YOU'VE GONE THROUGH THE NEWBORN STAGE BEFORE and…

…you had a rough go. You might feel robbed of the newborn experience you had envisioned and you’re wondering if a better experience is really possible for you. I can’t wait for you to see that it is 


…you had a great experience last time.

Becoming a Mama has awakened you to how vital it is to nurture your own mental wellbeing, and you're intentionally pouring into YOU right now.

This pregnancy, you get to focus on yourself. 


My goal and intention for you?

That by the end of this Masterclass you will:

  • Learn which parts of the newborn period most Mamas struggle with emotionally
  • Self-assess which factor YOU anticipate being your biggest block to a peaceful 4th trimester
  • Know what to start doing TODAY to get ahead of that block
  • Learn Dr. Emma Nagy's step-by-step framework so that you can take a proactive, preventative approach to your mental health so it STAYS healthy in your 4th trimester.

AND, you will:

  • Know exactly where to focus your time and attention for the rest of your pregnancy so you can boost your mood and energy any time you need during the first few weeks (when all your normal self care strategies go out the window).


EVEN on the days you were up 7 times,

slept for 3.5 hours,

and haven't showered since ???


LIVE Mama-To-Be-Masterclass

Choose a date: December 12 or 13 (or watch the Recording)

We will cover:

1. What to start doing for yourself before baby comes:

THREE proven strategies to put in place now that will take you from a peaceful pregnancy to postpartum bliss

2. The #1 thing you definitely don’t want to keep avoiding:

Your BIGGEST responsibility in preparing for baby that soon-to-be parents underestimate (but shouldn’t).

3. How to set up your UNPOPPABLE newborn bubble:

 A peaceful newborn bubble has nothing to do with your baby, and everything to do with YOU.

Spoiler alert: having peace as the mama is the key ingredient to being able to show up fully for your baby.

We’ll cover the simplest way to create YOUR dreamy fourth trimester without letting anything (or anyone) ruin your peace

Q&A included for a chance to ask questions


Meet your host

Hi, I’m Dr. Emma Nagy, Mama of 2, and the founder of My Lighter Way.

Over the past 13+ years as a researcher in the health field, I’ve been laser-focused on how to prevent poor mental health in adults.

While pregnant with my second son, I created my signature program, My Lighter Motherhood, where I took the most important elements from my research and put them into practice to help other expecting and new Mamas take excellent care of their mental health.

I’m hosting this webinar so you feel confident and resilient in your 4th trimester and have the most effective tools at your fingertips to help you emotionally thrive from the start!