Take the VERY BEST care of your mental health as you become a Mama


My Lighter Motherhood

The Prenatal Program Every Expecting Mama Needs to Nurture Her Mental Health and KEEP it healthy... ALL the way through postpartum 

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Prepare YOURSELF for your biggest life change

Even the happiest changes bring about stress.
Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are vulnerable times for our mental health.
You can learn to stop stress in its tracks as you experience massive changes to your sleep, mood, end energy, and the curve-ball-like struggles that new Mamas face.
You can do this by preparing yourself in a way that goes WAY deeper than knowledge  (your baby classes don't teach you this).
This is the prep for baby experience that’s not about baby at all… It’s about YOU!

There are some incredible supports out there to help us feel prepared for this huge life change! But, have you noticed...

In pregnancy...


...MOST of the prenatal care we receive isfocused on baby and our physical health


...MOST of the items we put on our baby registry are items for baby


...MOST of us prepare by learning about what we'll need for baby and how to take care of them in the early weeks 


...We set our nurseries and home to create a welcoming place for baby

In the newborn stage...


...friends and family will focus on your baby

We get it! Your baby is so loved and will be ADORABLE.

But some guests may not think to ask if you're actually up for visitors and will put most of the focus on the baby. 

They may have no clue how to help make this easier for you. 


...your baby will have appointments to make sure they are thriving.  

Some providers may quickly ask for their documentation: "how are YOU doing?" but not have much capacity for a bigger conversation.  

Notice a trend here, Mama?

The way we have been preparing for motherhood has forgotten

about one key person... YOU!

The My Lighter Motherhood Program was created to help set YOURSELF up to feel better in the moments you need it most, so that you have an easier time in the newborn stage and beyond.

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"This program has led to really good conversations with people in my life and with my partnerWe are talking about things we have never talked about. 

I feel empowered to enter this next stage of my life with less anxiety and more confidence."

- Erika, Mom to be.

When your emotional health thrives in the newborn stage, you can actually soak in this time like you've always imagined.


I have seen too many Mamas:

  • feel blindsided by the impact of this huge change (on their identity, relationships and routine. Their usual coping strategies aren't always doable in the newborn stage)
  • experience mental health challenges after birth and in the postpartum stage
  • feel like sleep deprivation ruins their newborn experience
  • lose themselves in motherhood by accident

They're managing the challenges that come with this time while exhausted, emotional, and physically healing.

All of this sabotages their desires to enjoy this precious time with our incredible new addition. 

My Lighter Motherhood was born to change this.


We can prepare better. I just know it. (And the research supports it).


Motherhood just got a whole lot lighter.

It's the best time EVER to be a First Time Mom.

Out with the old way..

  • Stressing about the sleep deprivation you'll experience
  • Worrying about the overwhelming emotions you might feel
  • Wondering how you'll function with less sleep
  • Hoping you'll magically flow into motherhood (without the energy tools to help you do that)
  • Feeling like you're just going to have to "get through" the newborn stage (and possibly struggle through it)


...In with your lighter way!

  • Creating HEALTHY expectations about sleep, and confidently managing less
  • Moving through fourth trimester feelings faster
  • Protecting your energy in the newborn stage
  • Flowing through motherhood (with the tools to back it up)
  • Boosting your own mood and energy in the moments you need it most

Enter a new era of motherhood

 You have a magical opportunity here to prepare YOURSELF in a whole NEW WAY.

A new ERA of motherhood is here.

Invite yourself in.

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"I WISH I had this

when I became a Mom"

- Lauren, Mom of 2, Entrepreneur (Texas)

Set yourself up to thrive as a new mom

Finally! A way to actually prepare yourself for YOUR BIGGEST LIFE CHANGE.

My Lighter Motherhood supports you to: 

  • Know what to REALLY expect and take away some of the mystery about what life with a newborn will look like 
  • Learn evidence-based info + skills to proactively prepare yourself (and your partner) so your family can thrive through the early months
  • Feel confident entering motherhood (even if you don't have prior baby experience!)
  • Move through the unknowns and unexpected challenges of life with a newborn with less worry and more certainty
  • Help yourself feel better on the emotional, energy-depleted days
  • Take excellent care of your mental health
  • Love this time more than you ever thought possible
And So. Much. More. 


A truly innovative experience. It's the PERFECT add-on to the prenatal classes you're already planning to take.

We don't cover the typical things you'll be learning in your prenatal class. 

This program DOES NOT cover how to take care of your baby (e.g., breastfeeding, infant sleep).

This program is made for YOU!!


A sneak peak into the program modules: 

"The course helped me find calm moments when I really needed it."

 - Vanessa, Mom of 2 + Fitness Coach, Ontario

Meet your guide

Hi! I'm Dr. Emma Nagy.

Call me Emma, please. I’m here for the best friend vibes!


I'm on a mission to help more Mamas feel their best as they become mothers and enjoy this time like they've always imagined.

I have my PhD in Mental Health Promotion, which means that I specialize in understanding the layers and pathways that can impact our mental health and optimize our mental wellbeing. There are many facets within our internal and external environments that can impact how we experience the newborn stage. It's a vulnerable time for our mental health. This program includes SEVERAL KEY layers to help you set yourself up to have the best possible chances of thriving through this incredible time in your life.  

I have over 13 years of experience as a health researcher, am a peer-reviewed published author, and throughout my career, I have gathered a wealth of knowledge in maternal and child health

I am a proud mama of two boys and I LOVE motherhood. It’s the greatest gift I’ve ever received in this lifetime. I know some moments in motherhood are hard, but the main frequency I consciously tap into in motherhood every single day is pure, unconditional love. Becoming a mother has opened me up to feel, learn from and heal more than I can articulate.

I love spending time with my boys, laughing and appreciating every day life with my husband. I have a soft spot for travel, home design, and creating fun memories with friends and family (usually over delicious food).

I practice everything I preach. Daily.

I hope you receive more benefits than you ever thought possible from your time in this program.


Your experience in the newborn stage doesn't have to be so hard

Empower yourself as a new mama


  • Equipping ourselves with the tools to feel confident as a new Mama
  • Being responsive, nurturing, and present with our babies
  • Trusting ourselves to make confident decisions for ourselves and our families (even if our way looks different to how our friends or families did it)
  • Leveraging our "villages". We seek support when we need it and our relationships support us
  • A new level of self kindness. We are gentle on ourselves in the hard moments
  • Taking excellent care of OURSELVES. When we thrive, our whole family does!


Come from SO MUCH overflow... your beautiful, nurturing energy ripples out to your baby, your partner, and fills your home with so much love


You can adore your newborn experience


Set up your relationship with yourself...

...so you know exactly what to do to feel better when the waves of hormones and emotions hit you

...so you actually have some energy in the newborn stage to enjoy it

...so you LOVE this fleeting, wonderful, magical time of your life and soak in all the beautiful blessings it has to offer



You won't lose yourself in motherhood.

You're going to find an even better version.


When you prepare YOURSELF for the newborn stage, your inner and outer environments will SUPPORT you.


My Lighter Motherhood Program Options

My Lighter Motherhood - SELF-PACED


  • Seven supercharged modules with videos to watch (or listen to!) in pregnancy and postpartum. Prepare ahead of time and use the practices inside to support your emotional health in your fourth trimester
  • Create your Motherhood Blueprint. (And they say babies don't come with a manual). Self-reflection prompts and worksheets to help you prepare and trust yourself as a New Mom at every step of the way
  • Downloads for easy access to the BEST mood and energy boosting strategies in the foggy newborn days
  • Lifetime access to the videos and worksheets (and any FUTURE upgrades)
  • Instant access upon purchase! Start your journey now 
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My Lighter Motherhood - GUIDED


Top features

  • Seven supercharged modules with videos to watch (or listen to!) in pregnancy. Prepare ahead of time and use the practices inside in your fourth trimester
  • Create your Motherhood Blueprint. (And they say babies don't come with a manual). Self-reflection prompts and worksheets to help you prepare and trust yourself as a New Mom at every step of the way
  • Downloads for easy access to the BEST mood and energy boosting strategies in the foggy newborn days
  • Lifetime access to the videos and worksheets (and any FUTURE upgrades)
  • Instant access upon purchase! Start your journey now


  • + Support for a YEAR

  • Monthly group calls where you'll receive personalized coaching specific to any worries or challenges you're experiencing at your exact stage of pregnancy or postpartum.

  • Monthly bonus guests/audio drops tailored to the group's desires. Each month, I'll create an additional recording based on your questions and share it with the group. Want to hear from a lactation consultant or pelvic floor physio or a relationship expert? Surprise!! You'll receive it.

  • An intimate community that includes other kind-hearted, ambitious, self-aware Mamas where you can share as you move through the program and navigate every "first".


    Limited time BONUS:

    • 12 weeks of postpartum 1:1 text and voice message support from Dr. Emma Nagy to help you take a mental reset when you need it most and support you until you're well on your way to feeling peaceful and settled ($997 value)


*$125 CAD for 12 months. Or pay in full at $1497.


Embrace better mental health and energy in the newborn stage.

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