Supporting you through pregnancy and postpartum

so you never have to choose between
your baby, your ambitions, and your own mental health


My Lighter Motherhood

A 2 in 1 Pregnancy and Postpartum Program

That's Exclusively Focused on You

so you have the most joyful start with your baby, without losing yourself in the process.


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"I WISH I had this

when I became a Mom"

- Lauren Ricks, Postpartum Doula + Mindset Coach (Texas)

You are so excited to become a Mama! 

It's your favourite manifestation yet.

Whether you're delighting in every part of preparing for baby
or are a bit leary about how you're going to balance a baby, your business, your relationships, and still have time for yourself,
you've landed in the right place.
You're likely well aware of the fact that the newborn stage is a particularly vulnerable time on our mental health.
Over 80% of us go through the baby blues and about 1 in 5 experience postpartum mood disorders (and for some of us, it hits us by surprise). 
We KNOW this... I questioned, why haven't we been supporting mothers in a way that honours their emotional well-being?!

This got my wheels turning...

You see, the research shows that there are some KEY things we can be focusing on to PROTECT our mental health.

I have my PhD in this exact topic area. Hi, I'm Dr. Emma Nagy by the way!


I created the My Lighter Motherhood Program to fill a massive gap in the way we've been preparing for baby.


This program equips you with the KEY FACTORS shown to protect your mental health into and all the way through the newborn stage.

Your lifestyle is going to change.

The WAY you're pursuing your dreams is going to change.

Your self-care practices will change.

And there are so many factors that can impact your mental health after birth.

Let's make sure you have a solid mental foundation so you maintain your momentum rather than lose it when your little one gets here.

Curate your dreamiest postpartum blend 

where an abundance of time with your baby

blends harmoniously with your favourite facets of life.

"The course helped me find calm moments when I really needed it."

 - Vanessa, Mom of 2 + Fitness Coach, Ontario

Your emotional wellness is the focus.

This is the prep for baby experience that is SO unique
because it's not about baby at all... 
It's about YOU! 
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When your emotional health thrives in the newborn stage, you can actually soak in this time like you've always imagined.


I have seen too many Mamas:

  • feel blindsided by the impact of this huge change (on their identity, relationships and routine)
  • experience mental health challenges that feel like a heavy cloud over their baby's first months of life
  • feel like they're so sleep deprived, they find it hard to access the blissful, dreamy moments they envisioned 
  • lose themselves in motherhood (this can happen sneakily, and usually by accident)

They're managing the common challenges that come with this time (learning to feed their baby, families who overstay their visits) while exhausted, emotional, and physically healing.

All of this sabotages their desire to enjoy this precious time with their incredible new addition. 

And it certainly doesn't put them in the creative energetic state that helps them thrive in their business.


My Lighter Motherhood was born to give you the most blissful, heart-exploding start together.

Motherhood just got a whole lot lighter.

It's the best time EVER to prepare for the newborn stage.

Out with the old way..

  • Slowly losing yourself and your dreams in motherhood
  • Putting your ambitions on pause for years after becoming a Mom (even if they're part of your life purpose)
  • Succumbing to the limiting beliefs out there about motherhood ("say goodbye to travel", "you're going to be in survival mode", "you'll have no time for your relationship")
  • Hoping you'll magically flow into motherhood and feel like you're thriving as a Mom and entrepreneur (without the postpartum-specific tools to support you)
  • Finding that you're one of the 80+% who experience baby blues or 20% who experience perinatal mood disorders and then scramble to try to feel better AND connect with your newborn

...In with your lighter way!

  • Creating an abundance of time post-baby to connect with and bond with your baby
  • Nurturing your baby as well as your own needs
  • Moving through fourth trimester feelings faster, with confidence and self-compassion
  • Protecting your energy and learning postpartum-specific strategies to boost it
  • Energy to pour into your baby, yourself, and your career as you ease back in
  • Being a present, healthy, self-connected Mom who is living her purpose and showing her baby what that looks and feels like


You won't have to count down the weeks until you're out of the newborn stage, so you can finally feel like yourself again.


It goes against your core values to wish time away.


You get to feel so present with your baby,

BE IN all the stages with them,

and make the absolute best of your time together.

Set yourself up for a delightful newborn season without losing yourself

What's Inside?!

Peak into the program modules: 

Get ready for an identity upgrade.

 You have a magical opportunity here to prepare YOURSELF in a whole NEW WAY.

A new ERA of motherhood is here.

Invite yourself in.

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Meet your guide

Hi! I'm Dr. Emma Nagy.

Call me Emma, please. 


I'm on a mission to help you infuse lightness into the different corners of motherhood so you adore your whole experience (because why suffer through any of it?!). Its the ripple effect that gets me. When you thrive, you're giving the best gift to your baby too.

I have my PhD in Mental Health Promotion and specialize in understanding the layers and pathways that impact our emotional wellbeing.

I've infused the most effective lessons from 13 years as a health researcher into this program to make it the best pregnancy and postpartum out there to PROTECT your mental health in a time that's notoriously so vulnerable. 

As a Mama of 2, I've found that becoming a mother has opened me up to be so intentional about who I'm being and who I'm becoming. Motherhood has been the greatest catalyst for my own personal growth! (Much like being an entrepreneur).  

This program is here to support you through the growth you are experiencing right now, and help you and baby experience the gentlest, loveliest start together.

An entire new era of motherhood is here. One where our mental health is supported and protected. One where we are not martyrs - we enjoy it.

We prioritize our own well-being and that energy

overflows to our babies.


  • Equipping ourselves with the tools to feel confident as a new Mama
  • Being responsive, nurturing, and present with our babies
  • Trusting ourselves to make confident decisions for ourselves and our families (even if our way looks different to how our friends or families did it)
  • Leveraging our "villages". We seek support when we need it and our relationships support us
  • A new level of self kindness. We are gentle on ourselves in the hard moments
  • Taking excellent care of OURSELVES. When we thrive, our whole family does!


Come from SO MUCH overflow... your beautiful, nurturing energy ripples out to your baby, your partner, and fills your life with so much love


"This program has led to really good conversations with people in my life and with my partnerWe are talking about things we have never talked about. 

I feel empowered to enter this next stage of my life with less anxiety and more confidence."

- Erika, Mom to be.

My Lighter Motherhood Program Options

My Lighter Motherhood


  • Seven supercharged modules with videos to watch at your own pace (or listen to!) in pregnancy and postpartum. Prepare ahead of time and use the practices inside to support your emotional health in your fourth trimester
  • Create your Motherhood Blueprint. (And they say babies don't come with a manual). Self-reflection prompts and worksheets to help you prepare and trust yourself as a New Mom at every step of the way
  • Downloads for easy access to the BEST mood and energy boosting strategies in the foggy newborn days
  • Lifetime access to the videos and worksheets (and any FUTURE upgrades)
  • Instant access upon purchase! Start your journey now 
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When you are thriving from a mental health perspective,

everyone benefits (especially your baby).

What are you waiting for?

FEEL like you are THRIVING as a new Mom.
Because you will be!
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